The Dancing Dragon was started as a partnership in 1985 between Chris Pavelchik and James Phillips and has been going strong ever since. The Fort Campbell strip between Clarksville, Tennessee and Hopkinsville, Kentucky has been home to many "old school" tattooists like Colonel Todd, Sailor Jack, and Earl Brown to name a few. The Dancing Dragon has been in business longer than any studio within 150 miles in any direction. Chris and James are both members of the "National Tattoo Association" and have been since the early '80's. They are also long standing members of the "Tattoo Club of Japan".

100 years of combined tattoo experience

Great reviews, standing behind our work, treating our customers right, and dedication to this art form is why we've been successful all these years... These core values are what we are about...

Dancing Dragon Tattoo Studio has been in business here in Oak Grove, Kentucky, for 30 years now... We opened our doors in February, 1986, and have been going strong ever since. We've seen a lot of shops come and go, people opening up shops with no formal training, then "Apprenticing" people under them, thus creating a "Regional gene pool" of tattoo mediocrity, where 'wannabees" and "posers" abound... Actually, in the tattooing realm, this has become a national epidemic,

James Phillips

James Phillips, co-owner of the Dancing Dragon Tattoo Studios, has been tattooing since 1984. Known for his solid use of color and versatility as a tattooist, he has many regular customers who come from all over the country for his work.

Over the years, James has worked numerous conventions in the United States, as well as Europe to include Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. James is mainly influenced by the late Greg Irons

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Chris Pavelchik

Chris Pavelchik, co-owner of the Dancing Dragon Tattoo Studio, has been tattooing since 1983. He started his tattooing apprenticeship after serving with the Army's 101st Air Assault Infantry. Chris has also been down range as a Private Security Contractor in 2004-2005 as part of a personal security detachment overseas.

He has won numerous regional awards at various events over the years. He has tattooed in Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the Czech Republic, doing the European circuit with other well known Tattooists. Chris was most influenced by Don Ed Hardy, Bill Liberty, and the late Greg Irons

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Chad Robson

I have been tattooing since August, 1999. All I do is draw and tattoo. Portraits, black & grey, cover-ups, and custom work are my favorite tattoos to do.

Chad is a versatile, skilled tattooist with several awards to his credit

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Past Conventions

Artists at Dancing Dragon have traveled all over the world to numerous conventions to showcase our work!

Choose Your Artist Carefully

Choose your tattooist carefully folks, amateur hour in this business is unacceptable.
Hanging out in Art Galleries, or having a pool table in your shop doesn't make you a good tattooist. Select your tattooist carefully, because not all shops are equal. A few are great, alot are mediocre, and a whole lot just plain suck..

~Dancing Dragon Tattoo~


At "The Dragon" we are committed to quality work and giving the customer the exact tattoo that they want. To view more of our work, check out our social media.

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Tattoo FAQs

Here at the Dragon we understand that a lot of you have questions regarding tattooing. We've compiled the most frequently asked to help you on your tattoo journey.

How much can I expect to pay?

  • Pricing has much to do with what you are getting done.
  • Smaller tattoos are priced up front based upon the amount of work done.
  • Large custom work is priced by the hour.
  • Our shop minimum is $60.00.

Can I Bring My Own Design?

  • We can work with any reference material that you bring us.
  • The internet, library, greeting cards, t-shirts, fabric and wallpaper patterns are all good places to look.
  • Or give us a sketch (no matter how sketchy), talk to us about size, area, style, budget, and turn us loose.
  • The most important thing is that you get what you want. You're gonna have to wear it.


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